Wood Repair

Can Termite Damage be Fixed?

It is possible for some termite species to damage a house beyond repair, but highly unlikely. However, termites do more damage to structures in the United States each year than all fires and floods combine.

As it turns out dry wood termite colonies are the cause of 80% of the damage done to homes in Southern Ca.

That’s why Periodic inspections by The Termite Inspector Company will help you detect termite infestations and keep damage to a minimum and repairs less expensive.

How to Fix Termite Damage

Wood Repair by The Termite Inspector Company.

Most termite damage can be repaired. Before making any repairs, work with our termite control professionals to ensure all active termite colonies have been found and eradicated. We also provide preventative measures to help reduce the likelihood of reinfestation.

The Termite Inspector Companies Warranty on its treatments cover any new damage if it occurs during the Warranties coverage.

There are two main ways to repairĀ wood damaged by termites:

The damaged wood can be removed and replaced with new wood.
A new piece of wood can be attached to the damaged wood to provide support.

Adding a new piece of wood to damaged wood (sistering) is often the best solution, if possible. The support method will work, if the original wood is not too badly damaged or in a visible area. Damaged areas that do not have enough space for additional wood beside the damaged wood will need to be replaced completely.

In the worst situations termite damage can cause roofs, ceilings and floors to collapse!

In these extreme cases it is best to hire a licensed contractor to complete the repair work because if structural repair is not adequate, it can seriously impact the stability and structural integrity of your home.

Our crew doing a structural wood repair.

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