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Professional Termite Control and Treatment

The Termite Inspector Company specializes exclusively in termite control and termite extermination methods. As such, you’ll find our depth of experience and expertise unmatched in San Diego County when it comes to exterminating termites. Just what type of termite treatment you may need will depend on how extensive your termite infestation is and what an inspection reveals. You may not need to tent! However, we do offer fumigation services on top of our less-invasive termite exterminator services.

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1 to 2-Year Warranties on Local Treatments.
2 to 4-Year Warranties on Tent Fumigations.
Lifetime Extended  Warranties Available.

Wood and Structural Repair

As it turns out dry wood termite colonies are the cause of 80% of the damage done to homes in Southern Ca. That’s why Periodic inspections by The Termite Inspector Company will help you detect termite infestations and keep damage to a minimum and repairs less expensive. Read More…

Termite Fumigation & Tenting

Since every home is different, our inspectors may recommend fumigation in certain cases. More info …

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